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Handicap / Disability Hotel Access

     All hotels in Las Vegas must be compliant, however, some hotels offer better disability access than others. For example, at Mandalay Bay, the textured floor could be problems for those traveling with disabilities for those with a walker, or those who have trouble maneuvering due to vision problems. On the plus side, Mandalay Bay's standard rooms offer plenty of room for wheelchairs. All hotels contain reasonable entry and exit spaces for those in wheelchairs or using walkers or scooters. And most of these entry points offer plenty of light to those with vision disabilities. 

     MGM Grand has smooth floor transitions as well as little texturing that might restrict mobility.  The downside is some of the restaurants may be inaccessible due to elevation changes, such as at the sushi bar. New York-New York also has some elevation adversities, and the aisles between slot machine rows can be nearly impossible to navigate. Monte Carlo is a simple and flat layout, with plenty of room to wheel around. Lighting is plenty bright to accommodate vision disabilities. The Flamingo and Harrah's, while ADA compliant, is not the easiest hotel casino floor to navigate. Both hotels contain many elevation changes on the casino floor and throughout different access points between dining, spa access, and front desk areas.  Caesars Palace is much more handicap accessible than it used to be.  It's renovations created more space and a much more open layout.  The open layout has brightened the hotel access areas, as well as the casino floor. The Forum Shops still has the textured flooring that continues to create problems for walkers, and the dimming of the ceiling in the evening creates problems for those with vision disabilities.  Paris Las Vegas, while a newer property, is one of the most unfriendly hotels in handicap accessibility.  Highly textured flooring, varying lighting between the front desk and other areas of the hotel, and overall darker colors. Standard rooms are practically impossible to navigate a walker.

     Further down the Las Vegas Strip, Treasure Island and the Mirage are both spacious and offer plenty of elevator access to elevation changes and various destinations throughout each property.  Lighting and transition areas are also very friendly. The Venetian also seems to enjoy the textured flooring in their shopping area, but the remaining areas of the hotel including the restaurants and convention points provide wide open spaces, plenty of light, and little difficulty between carpeting and hard flooring. Wynn is also very handicap friendly, offers plenty of space, and easy transitions in flooring. Lighting is bright and the bright colors around the hotel provide for easier transitions.

     Overall compared with many other large cities, Las Vegas has some of the most handicap friendly hotels, larger spaces, and larger hotel rooms.  It is advisable, that when booking a hotel in Vegas to remember to make prior arrangements for extra special needs. Many hotels can arrange for special transportation to and from the airport, as well as setting up scooter rentals, or reservations for special handicap hotel rooms. Generally, most cross walks provide hearing and vision impaired assistance, and many of the main cross walks along the Las Vegas strip are actually overpasses with elevator access.

Disability Resources
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